In the jungle of social media and algorithms, #dailysheepnews is mainly an experiment. It is a touch of the different expressions and languages. With a range from zero to 3600 likes per post, this is still not the focus of the work.

It always remains self-critical and sketchy, similar to the side projects.

By daily we mean that something is not seen daily on every platform, but on one or a few of them.

In addition to the analogue part, almost all social media related to the project are shown here. In the #dailysheepnews project it has developed in such a way that each individual platform has a different approach to the same content and this has adapted accordingly to the respective language.


One of the first platforms came up with the project was Instagram, where I converted the existing account (denishandschin) into #dailysheepnews. Selected recordings are shown here, which were sometimes taken as snapshots or taken with a reflex camera.


With the internship for shepherd training in winter 2019, tiktok was tried out for the project and got off to a brilliant start with almost a quarter of a million clicks for one video at its peak.

Because there is a completely different audience and it was kept a little bit secret about the project at the beginning, #dailysheepnews was able to approach the sketchy video generation with a playful freedom. Sometimes it goes so far, that it is covered in self-irony.


It’s a likepage on fb, but quickly realized that in the beginning the reach can only be increased with a payment to facebook. Posts on a private page had and still have a bigger impact. It has also emerged over time, that this is a good platform to generally report, what happens outside of the project and sometimes also about your own things and from the other platforms that are linked.

And the events that belong to #dailysheepnews, will be shown over the facebook like page in future.


Here #dailysheepnews simply experimented freely with different things and checked what happened. And it will continue like this.

Strangers tend to comment here. And it’s exciting to see how this will develop.


The topic of #sheep was collected on this platform early on, but #dailysheepnews is not that active either. Except for the analogue drawn sketches, which arose spontaneously. #dailysheepnews call them automatic drawings.

But they are just seen by few people. The drawings slumber in the vastness of the Internet and digitally gather dust.


This is primarily about finding out how things are going there on the platform and to experiment with the own collected material.

Also the same recordings are shown here as on the other platforms.


This was also converted from an before existing account. There is a hodgepodge of other posts from other platforms of dailysheepnews and from other people, who post in the sheep context.

But twitter should actually stand for one of the basic ideas of dailysheepnews. Namely that only the sheep transmit a message every day. Different paths were considered the summer in 2020. We hope that this can then be realized in 2121. Let yourself be surprised.


This site has just been tried a little and not posted much yet. Here there is still a hurdle to overcome the language barrier and to translate everything.

Just like with the other Asian platforms (weibo, etc.) where dailysheepnews had dared to take the first steps.


A bit was posted here and deleted again. It is meant to go live and maybe it will be done in summer 2021.


Here the videos have not yet been made public. The first results will be shown here in January 2021.


There are also other platforms on which #dailysheepnews can be found. Do you know which ones?

Not? Then you can go on a search 😉

“Today’s society is no longer Foucault’s disciplinary world of hospitals, madhouses, prisons, barracks, and factories. It has long been replaced by another regime, namely a society of fitness studios, office towers, banks, airports, shopping malls, and genetic laboratories. Twenty-first-century society is no longer a disciplinary society, but rather an achievement society. Also, its inhabitants are no longer “obedience-subjects” but “achievement-subjects.” They are entrepreneurs of themselves.”

Byung-Chul Han