Your daily baa!

Get the news about everyday life in sheep shepherd training and growing side projects. This is a work in progress for Art Safiental supported by Migros-Kulturprozent.

Beside of becoming a sheep shepherd, there are side projects you can see and participate online and in the


#wallofsheeps is the door in the sheepspace. Everyone can post something there. The sheepspace is in Safien Platz and has an intermediary function between the analog and digital in the project.

#licksculptures are the sheep licked salt stones left overs. The cylindrical basic block as a starting point, they create individual sculptures in the subtractive process.

You can write a Postcard or send something to the analog mailbox:

#dailysheepnews, Talstrasse 26 7107 Safien Platz

We look forward to your sending. It will be part of the sheepspace.

Many side projects are under development. Stay tuned for the next ones appearing here.